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Resources for students and teachers of English as a foreign language

Listening exercises
Audio and video exercises based on fairy stories, TV commercials, interviews, documentaries, film trailers...
robin3.png Pronunciation exercises
Grammar exercises

With numerous examples, images and graphs. Discovery learning techniques.


Academic Reading and

Writing exercises

Designed to gain familiarity with academic texts.

Internet Resources

Carefully selected links arranged by theme. Each resource is briefly described.



eagle.gif Do-It-Yourself English

80 ideas for working with written, audio and video texts.
For students working on their own or for teachers in the classroom.

For teachers of English

How to make your own web site, pedagogical articles, links...

redyellowgreen.gif Internet mini-courses

Selections of activities for different levels and objectives.

Learning English

on your own

Practical advice for organising your work and your time. Passing diplomas and certificates.


Apprendre l'anglais en autonomie

Des conseils pour vous organiser et pour travailler efficacement.
Informations sur les certificats et diplômes

Enseignants natifs, diplômés et expérimentés.
Cours orientés surtout vers la maîtrise de l'expression orale.