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Free EFL / ESL English exercises for beginners

Selected exercises for beginners in English

EFL - ESL Beginners listening and grammar exercises
Most of these have pictures or other graphics

Total Physical Response exercises
Henny Jellema.
Listen to the recording and match the sentence to the picture.
A huge number of exercises suitable for people beginning English.

Live Action English INTERACTIVE Unit Movies
12 simple action stories for students to act out

A set of 12 exercises.
You have to register but they're free.
Deborah Delin

Number Pronunciation and Spelling

English numbers

Figures and numbers
Numbers and Dates

Origin of the Months of the Year

Origin of the Days of the Week

Bang on Time
Read the time in words and stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position.

Michel Barbot's Beginner's Page:

Pronouncing the alphabet

A site for beginners in English
Renée Maufroid

to be - past
ESL Blue: animated grammar tutorials

English Quizzes
Tereza Neves
A lot of easy exercises with pictures.


UVic's Vocabulary exercises
Matching words and pictures.

Learning Chocolate
Each set of vocabulary words is presented with pictures which are reused in matching, fill in and dictation exercises. Numerous themes: Living room, Entertainers, Solar System...

The Internet Picture Dictionary:

Language Guide
Pass the cursor over the image to hear the word pronounced and see it written.
Organised by theme.

Learning Vocabulary Fun
Do the Match Game

Illustrated vocabulary
Flashcard vocabulary games
Institut de la Providence - Bernard Dupriez

What's the Correct Word Order?
34 Easy Questions
Charles Kelly

Describing your Family

About.Com - Kenneth Beare

Learn English Online:

  • Lesson 1 - am/is/are + what?/who?

  • Lesson 2 - English Greetings, Introductions and Farewells

  • Introductions (mixed-up sentence exercises)

  • Lesson 3 - People and Places - Where?

  • Lesson 4 – Sort It! (mixed up sentence exercises)

To do online listening exercises you will need a recent browser

(Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 7 ...) and Flash to hear the recordings.