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EFL / ESL English listening exercises

100 listening exercises for learners of English

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  • Listening practice for different levels, different interests.
    Plenty of practice.
  • Listening actively can help your pronunciation too.
    Even the simple exercises can help you to get your ear tuned to English sounds and rhythms.
  • Try listening to several different styles. A fairy story or a folk tale which is soothing, or a lively movie ad –some of these are quite challenging!
  • Do a little at a time, but often and you will soon notice the difference.
  • The dictation exercises help you pay attention to detail. Writing like this helps you assimilate.
  • The variety of the listening selections and the different types of exercises keeps it fun and interesting.
    If it gets too difficult, choose an easier exercise.
Beginners Dictations
A step-by-step course for real beginners.
Telephone Expressions Dictation
Real English Video Dictations
Street interviews of ordinary people.
Here, There and Everywhere
Stories from around the world.
Students' Introductions
Four adult students introduce themselves.
TV Commercials
1960s TV ads.
Fairy Stories Dictations
Movie Trailers Dictations
Academic Text Reconstruction/Dictations


To do these online listening exercises you will need a recent browser
(Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 7 ...) and Flash to hear the recordings.
Exercises created with Hot Potatoes and  WebRhubarb