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EFL - ESL Fill-in-the-blanks Exercise

Make your own gapfilling "Cloze" exercise.
Choose a paragraph of about ten lines.

  • Make a copy of it.
  • Remove all the unimportant words and replace them by lines. Keep the content words that help you remember the meaning but don't keep the grammar words.

Example, using the paragraph above:

Remove ___ ___ unimportant words ___ replace ____ __ lines. Keep ___ content words ____ help ___ remember ___ meaning ___ ___'_ keep ___ grammar words.

  • Some time later, fill in the blanks without looking at the original.
  • Check with the original.

Leave out:

  • Every 5th or 7th word (the original Cloze test)
  • All the prepositions
  • All the verbs
  • All the articles (a, an, the)
  • All the words you find difficult

You can make your own interactive exercises by using this:

  • The AWL Highlighter
    Find a text that interests you.
    Copy and paste, or type it into the AWL Highlighter.
    Process it.
    You will see the academic words highlighted in bold.
  • The AWL Gapmaker
    Copy and paste your text into the Gapmaker.
    It will automatically gap the academic words that were highlighted in the previous exercise and produce a gapfilling exercise for you to do.

Do-It-Yourself English
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Centre de linguistique appliquée, Université de Franche-Comté