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Technically interesting Hot Potatoes pages

Nearly all the exercises on this English Online France site were made with Hot Potatoes.

The program is very quick and easy to learn to use.

Before you start to learn to use Hot Potatoes, I suggest you have a look at some exercises made by other teachers to get an idea of what is possible. I've chosen these because they show how it is possible to include video, audio, pictures, graphs, etc. in an imaginative and pedagogically useful way:

Beginners dictation exercises
JQuiz with images and sound.
Glenys Hanson

Université de Franche-Comté


Real English Video Dictations
Some dictation-like exercises.
Glenys Hanson
Université de Franche-Comté

Carré magique 1
JCloze maths exercise using tables.
Benoît Truchetet
Professeur de mathématiques en collège à Toulouse

  Real English
A lively, attractive site with video clips.
Mike Marzio

Familie Meier geht ins Restaurant
Very inventive use of JCloze with sound
and photos.
Alfredo Colucci


Deutsch ach Englisch
JMatch slightly modified to make a sorting exercise.
Alfredo Colucci

Dictée: Une carte postale
Neat use of JQuiz to make French dictation.
Deanne Cobb
University of Regina

  Plätze in der Stadt
Using pop-up windows.
Alfredo Colucci

JQuiz short answer with slide show.
Michel Clerc


Who Has What? Where?
JMatch: Part of a sequence of exercises for adults learning English.
Martha A. Lane

Kees heeft zo'n honger
A JMatch flashcard exercise with pictures and sound.
Henny Jellema-van de Kamp


Montessori counting exercises.
Henny Jellema-van de Kampalso


Injonction et interrogation
Another interesting use of JCloze in a table. (Note: this is an old version of HP.)
Caroline d'Atabekia
  llège Lavalley - 4ème B

Zero Wing
A slide show used to make a "correct the aliens' English" exercise.
Jouni Paakkinen


The Games of Senex Caecilius
Only a modest amount of Latin is necessary to enjoy these puzzles.
Some with great graphics!
Roger Robinson


Mix and Match Mozart 1
JMatch music quiz fully integrated into the site webpage
David French
Tanbur Music Education

Comprehension: Shopping
JQuiz video with subtitles that can be turned on and off. You can enter any name and it will run. Instructions.
Paolo Cutini
 Numbers (3): mathematical operations
Listen to a mathematical problem and type the answer in the JQuiz box.
Paolo Cutini

A clever use of JCloze and tables.
Langis Rouillard
Collège Ahuntsic (Montréal)



Cyclone Sidr
A set of HP exercises making up a mini geography lesson. Integrated with resources on other sites
Mary Cooch
Our Lady's Catholic High School

Construction d'une configuration électronique
One of a set of chemistry exercises in modified JMix. Very impressive.
Langis Rouillard
Collège Ahuntsic (Montréal)
 Réaction du calcium (Ca) avec H2O
One of a different set of 6 chemistry exercises in modified JMix. Just as impressive.
Langis Rouillard
Collège Ahuntsic (Montréal)

MERIMO dolžino, širino in višino
JCloze maths exercise neatly presented in a table.
Mojca Pozvek

Od devetih jih pet ne sodi v skupino
Which ones are not part of the group?
JCloze in a table.
Natasa Holy


Learn the personal pronouns in Arabic with a JMatch flashcards exercise. Pictures help you understand without translation.
Fabrice Tésan


Next in the set of exercises. Practice the personal pronouns in Arabic with a JMatch dropdown exercise.
Fabrice Tésan

A whole course for learning to read made up of over 1000 HP exercises on a Moodle site.
Several of the exercises can be seen for free and without registration on the front page.
Quite unique.
Deborah Delin


right - middle - left - first - last - then - between - next to
JMix: Pictures have to be placed on the line according to the instructions.
Glenys Hanson
Université de Franche-Comté

Capital Letters
JMix used as matching exercise.
Attractively set out to appeal to children.
Deborah Delin


Exercises using Michael Rottmeier's Add-Ons:
Find the differences between the TV commercial and the transcript.
Glenys Hanson
Université de Franche-Comté

"I have a dream..." Martin Luther King
Find the differences between the speech and the transcript.
Michel Barbot

There once was a lady from Niger
Find the stressed syllables exercise.
Glenys Hanson
Université de Franche-Comté


Najdi pravo besedo
Find the word in each row that is the same as the first one.
Natasa Holy

Iščem te,velika začetnica!
Find the words that should have capital letters.
Mojca Pozvek

Possessive adjectives/pronouns
Find the mistakes exercise.
Paolo Cutini


Exercises using the Image Markup Tool:
Mouseover the picture to see a word.
Not really an exercise but preparation for one.
Paolo Cutini
A crossword (not JCross) linked to an anatomy drawing.
Very cleverly done.
Natasa Holy


I'd be glad to hear of more sites to add to this list:


Learning to use Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes is now freeware. Download the program from the Hot Potatoes Site

Having installed the Hot Potatoes program, just work your way gently through the excellent Hot Potatoes 6 Tutorial that comes with it and within an hour you'll have made your first exercise!

The only thing I would add, is that when you come to the "The 2-Minute Challenge: Make your first exercise", print out the page so that you can refer to it while making your first exercises.


Tutorials and Other Resources on Hot Potatoes 6

Hot Potatoes Users Group

Hot Potatoes PDF tutoriels
Step-by-step instructions for how to add Hot Potatoes to Moodle, add Flash videos, etc.

Teaching Tools
Michael Rottmeier's Add-Ons for Hot Potatoes are tutorials and customized source files that enable you to create new variations on Hot Potatoes exercises, including Find-it!, Dropdown and JGloss.

Hot Potatoes Tutorials and How-to's
Stan Bogdanov of New Bulgaria University has advice on using Flash audio and video players. If you see an unusual Hot Potatoes exercise and you don't know how to do it, check for a tutorial on Stan's site.


For French speakers, here is a:

Tutoriel standard de Hot Potatoes pour Windows traduit en français.

Autres tutoriels traduits en français